Average Transfer-out Rate At New York Colleges

What Is The Average Transfer-out Rate In New York?

The transfer-out rate is a percentage graduate candidates who transferred-out to other schools. The average transfer-out rate of New York colleges is 24.36%. It includes all institutions' rate (i.e. 4-years and 2-years or less) where the transfer-out information is available. In public colleges, the transfer-out rate is 19.51% and private schools' rate is 29.67%. By school levels, the transfer out rate is 27.46% and community colleges' rate is 16.31% in New York.
By gender, the female students' transfer-out rate is 14.74% and male students' rate is 15.97%.
The next schools are the top 5 New York colleges that have the highest transfer-out rate. CUNY York College has the highest transfer-out rate of 40% among New York colleges. SUNY Buffalo State and SUNY College at Old Westbury also have higher transfer-out rate of 38% and 34% respectively. For the ranking, we exclude community colleges and four-colleges with less than 5,000 students.
The following table summarizes the average transfer-out rate in New York.
The Average Transfer-out Rate In New York
TotalPublicPrivate (not-for-profit)Private (for-profit)
4 years or high27.46%22.69%31.03%12.27%
2-4 years16.31%16.39%11.33%25.33%
less than 1 year4.40%8.00%5.00%3.00%

Transfer-out Rate for BS Degree Granting Schools

For the four-years New York institutions where BS degree grants, the average transfer-out rate is 15.32%. 16,311 students transferred-out to other schools among 106,476 graduate candidates. 73,886 students graduated in 150% of normal time (i.e. 6 years) and 1,369 students are still enrolled in New York colleges.
The following table summarizes the transfer-out rate by gender with the graduation rate for New York collegesNumbers in parentheses in each column indicate the number of students over candidates in the corresponding category.
Transfer-out Rate by Gender at New York colleges
TotalFemale StudentsMale Students
Graduation Rate (in 150% normal time)69.39%
No longer Enrolled1.29%
Still Enrolled13.69%