Online Degrees and Programs at Brookhaven

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Online Degree Program Not Offered
Online Courses Undergraduate
Tuition & Fees $5,220

Distance Learning Opportunities (Online Classes) at Brookhaven College

Brookhaven College offers the online courses for undergraduate programs. To complete the program, students may need to campus for other courses or required work. Total 4,631 students have enrolled online exclusively and 1,709 students have took some online courses at Brookhaven College.The 2021 undergraduate program tuition & fees is $3,330 for Texas residents and $5,220 for others at Brookhaven College Next table summarizes the general information about online programs/courses at Brookhaven College
Distance Education (Online Learning) Information at Brookhaven College
Distance Education Program
(Online Degree Program)
Not Offered
Distance Education Course
(Online Course)
Tuition & Fees* $5,220 (Undergraduate)
Number of Enrolled in Online Courses4,631

Offered Online Degrees at Brookhaven

Brookhaven College offers 51 programs through on-site (classroom) only. Through distance learning, it offers degree and/or programs. Next table lists number of programs by offered degree and online availability. You can check the offered major programs by degree at area of study page.
Offered Degrees and Number of Programs
Brookhaven College
Award LevelTotal Number of ProgramsAvailable Online Class
Certificate Programs230
Associate's Degree280

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

For academic year 2020-2021, the average undergraduate program tuition & fees is $3,330 for Texas residents and $5,220 for students from other States at Brookhaven College. Next table shows the undergraduate school tuition & fees trends over last 4 years.
* The tuition & fees is for regular (traditional) degree program and for online programs, tuition rate may differ from it.
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2021 Undergraduate Tuition & Fees
Brookhaven College
[Chart] Brookhaven College Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Enrolled Students in Online Learning

At Brookhaven College, 4,631 students are enrolled exclusively in online courses and 1,709 students are enrolled in some online course out of total 13,726 students.
Distance Learning Enrollment
Brookhaven College
Online Exclusively4,6314,6310
In Some Online Classes1,7091,7090
Not In Online Classes7,3867,3860
[Chart] Brookhaven College Enrolled Students in Online Learning