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All UndergraduateBeginning Students

Financial Aid Statistics Comparison

For all undergraduate students, the average percent receiving aid is 66.67 % and the average aid amount is $4,380. The financial aid includes Federal (Pell and other federal), state, local, institutional or other grant aid, and federal student loans. Next table compares the total number and percentage of undergraduate students who received any financial aid between selected colleges for academic year 2021-2022.

All Undergraduate Financial Aid Statistics Between Selected Colleges
NameNumber Receiving AidPercent Receiving AidAverage Amount
South University-Montgomery
Strayer University-Alabama
Columbia Southern University

Beginning Students Financial Aid

For first-time, full-time beginning students, the average percent of receiving grant and/or scholarship is 30.67 % and the average grant amount is $1,889. This includes grants or scholarship from all sources - federal (pell grants and other federal grants), state/local, and institutions. The average percent of students who receiving student loans (federal and other student loans) is 27.00 % and the average loan amount is $2,542. Next table compares the financial aid statistics for first-time, full-time undergraduate students (freshmen) between selected colleges for academic year 2021-2022.

Beginning Student Financial Aid Comparison Between Selected Colleges
NameGrants/ScholarshipsStudent Loans
Number Receiving Aid (Percentage)Average AmountNumber Receiving Aid (Percentage)Average Amount
South University-Montgomery
Strayer University-Alabama
Columbia Southern University