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Funding Opportunity Overview

Opportunity NumberW81XWH-20-BCRP-EOHS
Opportunity TitleDoD Breast Cancer, Era of Hope Scholar Award
Opportunity CategoryDiscretionary
Funding Instrument TypeGrant, Cooperative Agreement
Post DateDecember 23, 2019 (Monday)
Last Updated DateMarch 17, 2020 (Tuesday)
Close DateMarch 26, 2020 (Thursday)

Funding Detail Description

The Era of Hope Scholar Award supports individuals early in their careers who have demonstrated significant potential to effect meaningful change in breast cancer. These individuals should be exceptionally talented scientists who have shown that they are the “best and brightest” in their field(s) through extraordinary creativity, vision, innovation, and productivity. They should have demonstrated experience in forming effective partnerships and collaborations and must exhibit strong potential for future leadership in breast cancer research.As the intent of the Era of Hope Scholar Award is to recognize creative and innovative individuals rather than projects, the central features of the award are the demonstrated ability of the individual named as the Principal Investigator (PI) in the application to go beyond conventional thinking in their field and the innovative contribution that the PI can make toward ending breast cancer. The application should articulate a vision that challenges current dogma and demonstrates an ability to look beyond tradition and convention.Experience in breast cancer research is not required; however, the application must focus on breast cancer, and the PI must maintain a 50% dedication of their full-time professional effort during the award period to breast cancer research. This professional effort in breast cancer research can be through a combination of this award and other current support. Individuals from other disciplines who apply novel concepts to breast cancer are encouraged to submit.The PI is encouraged to assemble a research team that will provide the necessary expertise and collaborative efforts toward accomplishing the research goals. The PI’s research team must include two or more breast cancer consumer advocates. As lay representatives, the consumer advocates must be individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are actively involved in a breast cancer advocacy organization. Their role should be independent of their employment, and they may not be employees of any organizations participating in the application. The consumer advocates should have a high level of knowledge of current breast cancer issues and the appropriate background or training in breast cancer research to contribute to the project. Their role should be focused on providing objective input throughout the research effort and its potential impact for individuals with, or at risk for, breast cancer.

Funding Additional Information

Agency NameDept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Important Dates
Post DateDecember 23, 2019 (Monday)
Close DateMarch 26, 2020 (Thursday)
Last Updated DateMarch 17, 2020 (Tuesday)
Archive DateApril 25, 2020 (Saturday)
Awards Detail
Estimated Total Program Funding$9,600,000
Expected Number Of Awards2
Cost Sharing or Matching RequirementNo

CFDA Numbers

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  • 12.420 - Military Medical Research and Development

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Categories of Funding Activities

  • Science and Technology and other Research and Development

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Grantor Contact Information

Grantor ContactCDMRP Help Desk
Phone: 301-682-5507
Email: help@eBRAP.org
(CDMRP Help Desk)