Materials Engineering Program

Materials Engineering Program at U.S. Colleges And Universities

Materials Engineering is a program that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and materials science principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of materials and related processes used in manufacturing in a wide variety of settings; the synthesis of new industrial materials, including marrying and bonding composites; analysis of materials requirements and specifications; and related problems of system design dependent on materials factors.
105 U.S. colleges and universities are offering Materials Engineering programs and its majors. You may want explore major programs and schools offering the Materials Engineering in next paragraphs.

U.S. colleges and universities Offering Materials Engineering Program

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University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Birmingham, AL Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate92%Graduation Rate58%Enrollment21,923Student/Faculty19 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$8,568 / $20,400
Graduate$8,100 / $19,188

The University of Alabama
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Tuscaloosa, AL Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate59%Graduation Rate72%Enrollment38,390Student/Faculty22 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$10,780 / $30,250
Graduate$10,780 / $30,250

Auburn University
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Auburn, AL Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate75%Graduation Rate78%Enrollment30,440Student/Faculty19 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$11,492 / $31,124
Graduate$11,504 / $31,160

Arizona State University-Tempe
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Tempe, AZ Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate85%Graduation Rate69%Enrollment51,585Student/Faculty19 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$11,338 / $29,428
Graduate$12,608 / $27,048

California Institute of Technology
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Pasadena, CA Private (not-for-profit), 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate7%Graduation Rate92%Enrollment2,233Student/Faculty3 to 1
Tuition & Fees

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
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San Luis Obispo, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate30%Graduation Rate82%Enrollment22,013Student/Faculty21 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$9,943 / $23,833
Graduate$10,866 / $20,370

California State University-Northridge
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Northridge, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate51%Graduation Rate54%Enrollment40,212Student/Faculty26 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$6,977 / $18,857
Graduate$8,411 / $17,915

University of California-Davis
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Davis, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate41%Graduation Rate86%Enrollment38,167Student/Faculty20 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$14,495 / $44,249
Graduate$13,598 / $28,700

University of California-Irvine
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Irvine, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate29%Graduation Rate83%Enrollment36,032Student/Faculty18 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$13,727 / $43,481
Graduate$13,349 / $28,451

University of California-Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate14%Graduation Rate91%Enrollment44,537Student/Faculty18 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$13,240 / $42,994
Graduate$12,953 / $28,055