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Total number of Employees at U.S. Colleges and Universities by occupation

Next table shows the total number of faculties and staffs working for U.S. Colleges and Universities by occupation. There are 3,599,551 employees at U.S. Colleges and Universities - 1,574,606 faculties (instructional staffs) and 2,024,945 non-instructional staffs. You can check the employees information for your desired state and school category.


Total number of faculties/Staffs at U.S. Colleges and Universities
Staff CategoryTotalFull-timePart-time
Grand Total3,599,551 2,568,293 1,031,258
Postsecondary Teachers1,574,606 836,947 737,659
Librarians, Curators, and Archivists and other teaching and Instructional support227,616 161,775 65,841
Management265,052 258,003 7,049
Business and Financial Operations216,604 202,979 13,625
Computer, Engineering, and Science237,694 218,157 19,537
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media185,670 150,766 34,904
Healthcare Practioners and Technical110,468 91,139 19,329
Service244,944 202,732 42,212
Sales and related13,982 11,437 2,545
Office and Administrative Support427,570 347,240 80,330
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance75,946 71,488 4,458
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving19,399 15,630 3,769