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Total number of Employees at U.S. Colleges and Universities by occupation

Next table shows the total number of faculties and staffs working for U.S. Colleges and Universities by occupation. There are 3,602,258 employees at U.S. Colleges and Universities - 1,573,653 faculties (instructional staffs) and 2,028,605 non-instructional staffs. You can check the employees information for your desired state and school category.


Total number of faculties/Staffs at U.S. Colleges and Universities
Staff CategoryTotalFull-timePart-time
Grand Total3,602,258 2,591,438 1,010,820
Postsecondary Teachers1,573,653 847,474 726,179
Librarians, Curators, and Archivists and other teaching and Instructional support228,663 163,414 65,249
Management268,038 260,805 7,233
Business and Financial Operations222,108 208,501 13,607
Computer, Engineering, and Science240,006 221,029 18,977
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media186,953 152,056 34,897
Healthcare Practioners and Technical111,606 93,782 17,824
Service245,706 205,430 40,251
Sales and related13,254 10,778 2,476
Office and Administrative Support418,340 341,886 76,454
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance74,822 70,764 4,058
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving19,134 15,519 3,615