Radio and Television Program at U.S. Colleges

Radio and Television is a program that focuses on the theories, methods, and techniques used to plan, produce, and distribute audio and video programs and messages, and that prepares individuals to function as staff, producers, directors, and managers of radio and television shows and media organizations. Includes instruction in media aesthetics; planning, scheduling, and production; writing and editing; performing and directing; personnel and facilities management; marketing and distribution; media regulations, law, and policy; and principles of broadcast technology.
The 2021 average tuition & fees of Radio and Television vocational programs is $16,392. The average amount is computed based on the costs for one(1) year or one but less than two years (1-2) years vocational programs. The average length of the Radio and Television vocation program is 96 contact hours (credit hours) and the average completion time is 8.44 months.

Programs/Concentrations in Radio and Television

U.S. Colleges Offering Radio and Television Program