Fire Science/Fire-fighting Career Program

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Fire Science/Fire-fighting Program at U.S. Colleges

Fire Science/Fire-fighting is a program focusing on the theory and practice of fires and fire-fighting. Includes instruction in fire chemistry and physics, combustible materials, computer science, building construction, fire codes and related laws, fire hydraulics, fire command, fire prevention/inspection, fire protection systems, fire suppression systems, fire/arson investigation, occupational safety, equipment operation, emergency medicine and communications.
The 2021 average tuition & fees of Fire Science/Fire-fighting vocational programs is $2,867. The average amount is computed based on the costs for one(1) year or one but less than two years (1-2) years vocational programs. The average length of the Fire Science/Fire-fighting vocation program is 395 contact hours (credit hours) and the average completion time is 5.36 months.

U.S. Colleges Offering Fire Science/Fire-fighting Program