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Metal and Jewelry Arts Program at U.S. Colleges

Metal and Jewelry Arts is a program that prepares individuals creatively and technically to express emotions, ideas, or inner visions by fashioning art works from gems, other stones, and precious metals. Includes instruction in gemology, metalsmithing and finishing, stone cutting and polishing, metal and non-metal casting and molding, electroforming, metal coloring, enameling, photo etching, lapidary technique and art, design concepts, and personal style development.
The 2021 average tuition & fees of Metal and Jewelry Arts vocational programs is $9,956. The average amount is computed based on the costs for one(1) year or one but less than two years (1-2) years vocational programs. The average length of the Metal and Jewelry Arts vocation program is 399 contact hours (credit hours) and the average completion time is 4.00 months.

U.S. Colleges Offering Metal and Jewelry Arts Program