Colleges with High Student to Faculty Ratio in New Mexico

This page lists colleges with the high Student to Faculty Ratio (a faculty teaches/cares more students which means probably less attention/support on each student) in New Mexico. Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus has the lowest students to faculty ratio of 16 to 1 where 229 faculty or instructional staffs teach 4,991 undergraduate students in New Mexico.
We exclude colleges whose programs are focused on certificate, associate, and/or special subjects such as arts and music from the ranking. We also exclude schools which provide programs through online exclusively since those schools have relatively many more students per faculty than regular colleges.
The next table shows the schools that have high Student to Faculty Ratio with total number of students and faculties. Note that the actual ratio is computed based on number of undergraduate students and instructional staffs who teach undergraduate programs. It may differ from the number of faculties shown in below table. You may want to check colleges having the Lowest Student to Faculty Ratio in New Mexico.
Colleges with High Student to Faculty Ratio in New Mexico
NameStudent to Faculty Ratio# of Students# of Full-time Faculty# of Part-time Faculty
1Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus
Public, four-yearsPortales, NM
16 to 14,99116465
2New Mexico State University-Main Campus
Public, four-yearsLas Cruces, NM
15 to 113,904637220
3University of New Mexico-Main Campus
Public, four-yearsAlbuquerque, NM
13 to 122,1391,935261
4Western New Mexico University
Public, four-yearsSilver City, NM
12 to 13,013100128
5New Mexico Highlands University
Public, four-yearsLas Vegas, NM
11 to 12,64512694
6New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Public, four-yearsSocorro, NM
10 to 11,73413536