Nevada Colleges with the Largest Online Students

University of Nevada-Las Vegas has the most online students of 28,938 for academic year 2020-2021 in Nevada. The number only includes students enrolled exclusively in online programs and does not include students taking some online courses. University of Nevada-Reno is ranked second with 5,598 online students and follows them with 28,938 online students. We exclude colleges whose programs are focused on certificate, associate, and/or special subjects such as arts and music from the ranking. Next table shows the schools that have most online students by enrolled status. You may want to check colleges having the smallest online student population in Nevada.
Nevada Colleges with the Largest Online Students
NameTotal # of StudentsEnrolled Exclusively Online ProgramsEnrolld in Some Online CoursesNot in Online Courses
1University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Public, 4 or more yearsLas Vegas, NV
2University of Nevada-Reno
Public, 4 or more yearsReno, NV
* Online completely college that all programs are offered online exclusively.