Alaska Colleges

Student to Faculty Ratio

For the academic year 2021-2022, the average student to faculty ratio of Alaska Colleges is 9.44 to 1. It indicates that there are about 9 students for every one instructional faculty and staff. For public schools, the ratio is 10.40 to 1 and 8.25 for private schools. Following table and chart illustrate the student to faculty ratio of Alaska Colleges by school controls and levels.
Student to Faculty Ratio (2021-2022)
Alaska Colleges
AveragePublic SchoolsPrivate Schools
4 Years (or high)8.83 to 110.00 to 16.50 to 1
2-4 Years10.00 to 1-10.00 to 1
Less than 2 Years12.00 to 112.00 to 1-
Average9.44 to 110.40 to 18.25 to 1
Student-to-faculty ratio: total students not in graduate or professional programs divided by total instructional staff not teaching in graduate or professional programs.
[CHART#1] Student to Faculty Ratio for Alaska Colleges

Faculty Statistics

There are 1,751 instructional staffs including professors, faculties, instructors, and teaching staffs with full-time or part-time status in Alaska Colleges. By school type, 1,597 instructional staffs are working for public schools and 154 for private schools. By employment status, there are 885 full-time and 866 part-time faculties in Alaska Colleges. Next table and chart shows the number of instructional staffs by school type, levels, and employment status.
Faculty Statistics (2021-2022)
Alaska Colleges
TotalPublic SchoolsPrivate Schools
4 Years (or high)854832 800773 5459
2-4 Years734 00 734
Less than 2 Years240 240 00
Total885866 824773 6193
[CHART#2] Faculty Statistics for Alaska Colleges