Graduate Theological Union Faculty/Staff Salary

Graduate Theological Union is a private (not-for-profit), four-years institute located in Berkeley, CA. It has a total enrollment of 194. It is a Theological seminaries, Bible college, and other faith-related institution by Carnegie Classification.

Average Employee Salary

Graduate Theological Union has 54 employees including both instructional staffs (faculties) and non-instructional staffs. The average salary for faculties is $66,511 and $82,815 for all non-instructional staffs. The faculty salary has risen 8.58% ($7,008) from last year. The non-instructional staff salary has risen 0.58% ($482) from last year.
The following tables describe the average salary by occupation at Graduate Theological Union. The number in parentheses shows the percentage change in the current year's salary compared to the previous year.
Average Faculty & Staff Salary at Graduate Theological Union
Instructional Staffs (Faculties)
YearHeadcountSalary OutlaysAverage Salary
+1 (11.11%)
+$151,755 (20.65%)
+$7,008 (8.58%)
Detailed faculty salary
Non-instructional Staffs
YearHeadcountSalary OutlaysAverage Salary
+6 (15.79%)
+$515,189 (16.47%)
+$482 (0.58%)
Detailed staff salary

Berkeley Unified School District General Information

Graduate Theological Union located in Berkeley Unified School District area. A total of 45,337 households are located in Berkeley Unified School District area. It has 17 including Pre-K and K-12 schools with 10,097 students. The median value of home price is $1,005,600 and the average rent cost is $1,722. You can view more detail about Berkeley Unified School District including schools by level, demographic, and economic characteristics at Living in Berkeley Unified School District page
Berkeley Unified School District Social and Economic Overview
Berkeley Unified School District
Number of Schools17 schools
Total Students10,097 students
Living circumstances
Total Households45,337 households
Child Population19,040
Average Home Price$1,005,600
Average Rent Cost$1,722
Average Household Income$85,444
Unemployment Rate5.40%
Health Insurance Coverage97.05%

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Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute La Jolla, CA$152,18440
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