Employment Statistics

0 residents are over the age of 16 and 0 people are in labor force. Among them, 0 people are in civilian labor force and 0 are in armed labor force. 0 people are employed and the unemployment rate is %.
The tables below show the employment-related statistics for area.

Average Income and Health Insurance

The average household income is - for the 0 households in area, California. The average income of a single worker is -. 0 people have a health insurance and the health insurance coverage rate is 0.00%.


There are 0 housing units in area, California with 0 units (0.00%) occupied. 0 houses (0.00%) are occupied by owner and 0 houses (0.00%) are rented. The average housing value is - and the average rental cost is -. 0 houses (0.00%) were newly built in 2014 or later and 0 houses (0.00%) were built in 1949 or earlier.