University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Salary by Occupation

Key Values in Average
Faculty Salary: $110,947Staff Salary: $73,140
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Average Staff Salary By Occupation

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor has 11,632 full-time non-instructional staffs and the average salary is $73,140. UM-Ann Arbor's staff salary increased by 0.50% compared to last year' salary. The following list shows the average salary for the popular occupation with a number of employees.
  • The average salary of the Management position is $136,301 over 1,378 Management staff.
  • The average salary of the Computer, Engineering, and Science position is $73,851 over 2,364 Computer, Engineering, and Science staff.
  • The average salary of the Business and Financial Operations position is $72,619 over 2,099 Business and Financial Operations staff.
The following table summarizes the average staff salary by occupation with the number of staff at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
Average Staff Salary By Occupation at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
OccupationYearNumber of StaffsAverage Salary
All Non-Instructional Staffs Total202111,632
-65 (-0.56%)
+$362 (0.50%)
Research2021No Research Staffs Reported
Public service2021No Public service Staffs Reported
Librarians, Curators, Archivists, Academic Affairs, and other Education Services20211,172
+5 (0.43%)
-$59 (-0.10%)
+6 (0.44%)
-$499 (-0.36%)
Business and Financial Operations20212,099
-12 (-0.57%)
+$322 (0.44%)
Computer, Engineering, and Science20212,364
+33 (1.42%)
-$281 (-0.38%)
Community Service, Legal, Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media2021526
-7 (-1.31%)
+$393 (0.42%)
Healthcare Practioners and Technical2021255
+9 (3.66%)
-$492 (-0.66%)
-12 (-0.85%)
+$581 (1.37%)
Sales and related2021No Sales and related Staffs Reported
Office and Administrative Support20211,556
-73 (-4.48%)
+$9 (0.02%)
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance2021692
-3 (-0.43%)
+$1,933 (2.61%)
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving2021196
-11 (-5.31%)
+$1,087 (1.92%)

Staff Salary Comparison

UM-Ann Arbor's average staff salary is $73,140. UM-Ann Arbor's staff salary is slightly higher than the national average staff salary at four-years colleges ($59,333). Its salary is also slightly higher than the average salary ($59,587) of four-years colleges in Michigan.
Non-instructional Staff Salary Comparison
Average Staff Salary
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor$73,140
All Colleges$58,383
Four-years Colleges$59,333
Michigan Colleges$59,638
Four-years Michigan Colleges$59,587

Staff Salary Comparison Between UM-Ann Arbor and nearby Colleges

The following table shows the average staff salary of colleges near UM-Ann Arbor. Compared to those schools such as Concordia University-Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Community College, UM-Ann Arbor's staff salary is slightly higher than the average salary ($57,498). You can compare the salary to analyze or make a decision. The schools in below table are sorted by distance from UM-Ann Arbor.
Average Staff SalaryNumber of Staff
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor$73,14024,605
Concordia University-Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI$44,741301
Washtenaw Community College Ann Arbor, MI$62,7981,215
Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI$69,2172,007
MIAT College of Technology Canton, MI$48,809220
Schoolcraft College Livonia, MI$61,925814