New Staffs by Occupation at North Central College

At North Central College, total 55 full-time employees are newly hired for academic year 2018-2019. By assigned position, 11 instructional staffs, 0 research/public services, and 55 management and service occupation staffs have been hired newly last year. Next tables summarizes the new-hired headcount of staffs by gender, race/ethnicity, occupation, and faculty status.
Gender Race/Ethnicity Non-resident Alien
New Faculty & Staffs by Occupation and Gender at North Central College
Staff CategoryTotalFemaleMale
All full-time new hires 552728
Postsecondary Teachers 1156
Instructional staff 1156
Management Occupations 1055
Business and Financial Operations 211
Computer, Engineering, and Science 202
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media 1055
Healthcare Practioners and Technical 101
Service 725
Sales and related 220
Office and Administrative Support 660
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance 413
New Faculty & Staffs by Race/Ethnicity at North Central College
OccupationTotalAmerican Indian / Alaska NativeAsianBlack HispanicNativie HawaiianWhiteTwo or More RacesRace Unknown
All full-time new hires55 031 3039 18
Postsecondary Teachers11 021 008 00
Instructional staff11 021 008 00
Management Occupations10 000 108 01
Business and Financial Operations2 000 002 00
Computer, Engineering, and Science2 000 001 01
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media10 000 0010 00
Healthcare Practioners and Technical1 000 000 01
Service7 010 101 13
Sales and related2 000 001 01
Office and Administrative Support6 000 006 00
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance4 000 102 01
New Non-resident Alien Faculty & Staffs at North Central College
Staff CategoryTotalFemaleMale
All full-time new hires 000
Postsecondary Teachers 000
Instructional staff 000
Management Occupations 000
Business and Financial Operations 000
Computer, Engineering, and Science 000
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media 000
Healthcare Practioners and Technical 000
Service 000
Sales and related 000
Office and Administrative Support 000
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance 000

Employment Status

According to the IPEDS, Full-time staff and Part-time staff is determined by the institution. The type of appointment at the snapshot date determines whether an employee is full time or part time. The employee\s term of contract is not considered in making the determination of full or part time. Casual employees (hired on an ad-hoc basis or occasional basis to meet short-term needs) and students in the College Work-Study Program (CWS) are not considered part-time staff.