Faculties by Academic Rank and Status at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Faculties by Academic Rank

A total of 6,655 faculty members (Instructional/teaching staffs). including both full-time and part-time, are working at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. By academic rank, there are 1,746 full professors, 1,065 associate professors, and 1,464 assistant professors. The full-professors account for 26.24% of the total 6,655 faculties.
By faculty status, 2,127 faculties have been tenured (31.96% ) and 615 faculties are on tenure track. 3,913 faculties which is 58.80% of total faculties are not on tenure track/system. The next table summarizes the number of faculty by tenure status and academic rank.
Full-time Instructional Staffs By Faculty Status
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Tenure StatusTotalProfessorsAssociate professorsAssistant professorsInstructors/ Lecturers
All Full-time Instructional Staffs6,6551,7461,0651,464879
With faculty status, total6,6551,7461,0651,464879
On tenure track6151106040
Not on tenure track/No tenure system3,913296377860879
Without faculty status-----
*** Tenure-Status of a personnel position with respect to permanence of the position.
Tenure trackPersonnel positions that lead to consideration for tenure.
Not on tenure trackPersonnel positions that are considered non-tenure earning positions
Multi-year contractA contract or employment agreement that is in effect for more than one year where subsequent years of the contract may be contingent upon other factors such as the appropriation of funds.
Annual contractAn annually-renewable contract or employment agreement that is in effect for a stated annual period within one year of execution, and may be equal to a period of 365 days, or a standard academic year, or the equivalent.
Less-than-annual-contractA contract or employment agreement that is in effect for a partial year period of less than 365 days, or less than a standard academic year or the equivalent.

What is Faculty / Academic Personnel?

According to IPEDS, Faculty Persons identified by the institution as such and typically those whose initial assignments are made for the purpose of conducting instruction, research or public service as a principal activity (or activities). They may hold academic rank titles of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, lecturer or the equivalent of any of those academic ranks. Faculty may also include the chancellor/president, provost, vice provosts, deans, directors or the equivalent, as well as associate deans, assistant deans and executive officers of academic departments if their principal activity is instruction combined with research and/or public service.