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Master Aesthetician/Esthetician Program at U.S. Colleges

Master Aesthetician/Esthetician is a program that prepares individuals to massage and treat the face, neck, and body with advanced chemical and cosmetic preparations and esthetic medical treatments, and to function as licensed master or medical estheticians in dermatologists' and plastic surgeons' offices as well as in salons and spas. Includes instruction in advanced anatomy and physiology, skin properties and disorders, sanitation and infection control, advanced facial treatments, spa body treatments, advanced extractions, corrective makeup, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage and advanced massage techniques, pre- and post-operative esthetic skin care, client/patient evaluation and care, applicable laws and regulations, and business practices.
The 2021 average tuition & fees of Master Aesthetician/Esthetician vocational programs is $11,658. The average amount is computed based on the costs for one(1) year or one but less than two years (1-2) years vocational programs. The average length of the Master Aesthetician/Esthetician vocation program is 944 contact hours (credit hours) and the average completion time is 8.40 months.

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