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Graduate Rate 65%
Transfer-Out Rate 1%
Retention Rate
Full-time / Part-time
92% / 100%

Graduation Rates at NTI

At Northwest Technical Institute, the graduation rate is 64.73% - 145 students have completed and 3 students have transferred out to other institute out of 224 candidates. In addition, 67 students still enrolled and 9 students have left the school before completing program.
Graduation Rate with number of completers at Northwest Technical Institute
Number of StudentsRates
Total (Candidates)224-
Still Enrolled6729.91%
No Longer Enrolled94.02%

Graduation Rates By Completion Periods

Below table shows the number of completers with graduation rate by completion time.9 students have completed in 100% normal time (for example, in 2 years for less than 2 years certificate programs) and additional 145 students have completed in 150% normal time.
Graduation Rate by Completion Time at Northwest Technical Institute
CompletersGraduation Rate
In 100% normal time94.02%)
In 150% normal time14564.73%)

Retention Rate

By definition, retention rate is the percentage of students who return to a college for their sophomore year. At Northwest Technical Institute, the retention rate is 92% for full-time students and 100 % for part-time students.
Retention Rates
Northwest Technical Institute
Retention Rate92%100%
[Chart] Northwest Technical Institute Retention Rate