Massachusetts Colleges

Student to Faculty Ratio

For the academic year 2021-2022, the average student to faculty ratio of Massachusetts Colleges is 11.67 to 1. It indicates that there are about 12 students for every one instructional faculty and staff. For public schools, the ratio is 12.78 to 1 and 11.32 for private schools. Following table and chart illustrate the student to faculty ratio of Massachusetts Colleges by school controls and levels.
Student to Faculty Ratio (2021-2022)
Massachusetts Colleges
AveragePublic SchoolsPrivate Schools
4 Years (or high)11.08 to 114.46 to 110.51 to 1
2-4 Years13.88 to 114.69 to 112.60 to 1
Less than 2 Years11.60 to 18.42 to 112.54 to 1
Average11.67 to 112.78 to 111.32 to 1
Student-to-faculty ratio: total students not in graduate or professional programs divided by total instructional staff not teaching in graduate or professional programs.
[CHART#1] Student to Faculty Ratio for Massachusetts Colleges

Faculty Statistics

There are 48,091 instructional staffs including professors, faculties, instructors, and teaching staffs with full-time or part-time status in Massachusetts Colleges. By school type, 15,077 instructional staffs are working for public schools and 33,014 for private schools. By employment status, there are 25,877 full-time and 22,214 part-time faculties in Massachusetts Colleges. Next table and chart shows the number of instructional staffs by school type, levels, and employment status.
Faculty Statistics (2021-2022)
Massachusetts Colleges
TotalPublic SchoolsPrivate Schools
4 Years (or high)24,10317,690 6,2013,263 17,90214,427
2-4 Years1,5324,185 1,4194,046 113139
Less than 2 Years242339 47101 195238
Total25,87722,214 7,6677,410 18,21014,804
[CHART#2] Faculty Statistics for Massachusetts Colleges