Massachusetts Institute of Technology Salary by Occupation

Average Staff Salary By Occupation

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has 11,289 full-time non-instructional staffs and the average salary is $103,906. MIT's staff salary increased by 2.27% compared to last year' salary. The following list shows the average salary for the popular occupation with a number of employees.
  • The average salary of the Management position is $248,146 over 139 Management staff.
  • The average salary of the Computer, Engineering, and Science position is $113,589 over 1,176 Computer, Engineering, and Science staff.
  • The average salary of the Business and Financial Operations position is $99,880 over 1,519 Business and Financial Operations staff.
  • The average salary of the Research position is $112,535 over 4,374 Research staff.
The following table summarizes the average staff salary by occupation with the number of staff at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Average Staff Salary By Occupation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
OccupationYearNumber of StaffsAverage Salary
All Non-Instructional Staffs Total202211,289
-126 (-1.10%)
+$2,302 (2.27%)
+77 (1.79%)
+$2,239 (2.03%)
Public service2022No Public service Staffs Reported
Librarians, Curators, Archivists, Academic Affairs, and other Education Services2022129
-1 (-0.77%)
+$1,504 (1.79%)
-37 (-21.02%)
+$20,586 (9.05%)
Business and Financial Operations20221,519
+12 (0.80%)
+$2,493 (2.56%)
Computer, Engineering, and Science20221,176
-100 (-7.84%)
+$821 (0.73%)
Community Service, Legal, Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media2022862
-18 (-2.05%)
+$4,013 (4.01%)
Healthcare Practioners and Technical2022292
-5 (-1.68%)
+$5,666 (6.48%)
+25 (5.04%)
+$1,439 (2.35%)
Sales and related202237
-31 (-45.59%)
-$7,181 (-6.91%)
Office and Administrative Support20221,459
-40 (-2.67%)
+$3,488 (4.49%)
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance2022749
-9 (-1.19%)
+$3,720 (3.78%)
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving202232
+1 (3.23%)
+$2,615 (4.13%)

Staff Salary Comparison

MIT's average staff salary is $103,906. MIT's staff salary is much higher than the national average staff salary at four-years colleges ($60,796). Its salary is higher than the average salary of four-years colleges in Massachusetts.
Non-instructional Staff Salary Comparison
Average Staff Salary
Massachusetts Institute of Technology$103,906
All Colleges$59,810
Four-years Colleges$60,796
Massachusetts Colleges$74,597
Four-years Massachusetts Colleges$74,902

Staff Salary Comparison Between MIT and nearby Colleges

The following table shows the average staff salary of colleges near MIT. Compared to those schools such as New England College of Optometry and Boston Architectural College, MIT's staff salary is much higher than the average salary ($73,574). You can compare the salary to analyze or make a decision. The schools in below table are sorted by distance from MIT.
Average Staff SalaryNumber of Staff
Massachusetts Institute of Technology$103,90614,032
New England College of Optometry Boston, MA$74,116159
Boston Architectural College Boston, MA$54,985264
Berklee College of Music Boston, MA$94,0021,577
Boston University Boston, MA$79,45110,406
Fisher College Boston, MA$65,295291
Bay State College Boston, MA$48,386169
The New England Conservatory of Music Boston, MA$78,406595
Northeastern University Professional Programs Boston, MA$71,3611,282
Northeastern University Boston, MA$86,2755,050
Hult International Business School Cambridge, MA$83,463277