Geophysics and Seismology Program at U.S. Colleges And Universities

Geophysics and Seismology is a program that focuses on the scientific study of the physics of solids and its application to the study of the earth and other planets. Includes instruction in gravimetric, seismology, earthquake forecasting, magnetrometry, electrical properties of solid bodies, plate tectonics, active deformation, thermodynamics, remote sensing, geodesy, and laboratory simulations of geological processes.
46 U.S. colleges and universities are offering Geophysics and Seismology programs and its majors. You may want explore major programs and schools offering the Geophysics and Seismology in next paragraphs.

U.S. colleges and universities Offering Geophysics and Seismology Program

46 matched schools

University of Alaska Fairbanks
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Fairbanks, AK Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate76%Graduation Rate32%Enrollment7,404Student/Faculty11 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$7,080 / $21,216
Graduate$12,256 / $23,746

California Institute of Technology
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Pasadena, CA Private (not-for-profit), 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate7%Graduation Rate92%Enrollment2,233Student/Faculty3 to 1
Tuition & Fees

University of California-Berkeley
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Berkeley, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate15%Graduation Rate91%Enrollment42,501Student/Faculty20 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$14,253 / $44,007
Graduate$14,187 / $29,289

University of California-Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate14%Graduation Rate91%Enrollment44,537Student/Faculty18 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$13,240 / $42,994
Graduate$12,953 / $28,055

University of California-Riverside
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Riverside, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate51%Graduation Rate75%Enrollment23,922Student/Faculty23 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$13,853 / $43,607
Graduate$13,584 / $28,686

University of California-San Diego
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La Jolla, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate30%Graduation Rate86%Enrollment37,887Student/Faculty19 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$14,415 / $44,169
Graduate$13,455 / $28,557

University of California-Santa Barbara
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Santa Barbara, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate32%Graduation Rate82%Enrollment25,976Student/Faculty22 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$14,391 / $44,145
Graduate$13,569 / $28,671

San Diego State University
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San Diego, CA Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate35%Graduation Rate74%Enrollment35,303Student/Faculty27 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$7,510 / $19,390
Graduate$8,944 / $18,448

University of Colorado Boulder
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Boulder, CO Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate82%Graduation Rate71%Enrollment36,681Student/Faculty18 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$12,500 / $38,318
Graduate$13,556 / $33,014

Colorado School of Mines
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Golden, CO Public, 4 or more years
Acceptance Rate49%Graduation Rate80%Enrollment6,325Student/Faculty15 to 1
Tuition & Fees (In-State/Out-of-State)
Undergraduate$19,062 / $39,762
Graduate$19,062 / $39,762