Most Favored Arizona Colleges with Highest Enrollment Rate

This page lists the most favored (higher yield) schools in Arizona. The yield, also known as enrollment rate, is the percent of students who choose to enroll after having been offered admission. Higher yield means that more admitted students are finally enrolled into the school.
Arizona State University Campus Immersion, has the highest yield rate of 26.23% for academic year 2021-2022 in Arizona. Prescott College is positioned second with 25.34% yield and Grand Canyon University follows them with 25%. Next table shows the schools that have high yield rates with admission statistics and acceptance rates. We exclude colleges whose programs are focused on certificate, associate, and/or special subjects such as arts and music from the ranking. You may want to check colleges having the lowest yield rates in Arizona.
Most Favored Arizona Colleges with Highest Enrollment Rate (2022)
NameYield# of Applicants# of Admitted# of EnrolledAcceptance Rate
1Arizona State University Campus Immersion
Public, four-yearsTempe, AZ
26.23% 61,603 54,329 14,250 88.19%
2Prescott College
Private (not-for-profit), four-yearsPrescott, AZ
25.34% 147 146 37 99.32%
3Grand Canyon University
Private (for-profit), four-yearsPhoenix, AZ
24.96% 36,861 30,534 7,620 82.84%
4University of Arizona
Public, four-yearsTucson, AZ
20.11% 48,065 41,946 8,436 87.27%
5Northern Arizona University
Public, four-yearsFlagstaff, AZ
15.77% 42,872 33,592 5,297 78.35%