Integrated Arts Academy

Academic Summary
Public Alternative
School Type
Grades Offered
11 to 1
Students to Teacher Ratio
Percent Proficient - Math
Percent Proficient - Reading/Language Arts
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Total Population
Average House Value
Average Housing Rent
Average Household Income
Health Insurance Coverage
Household with Internet

School Overview

Integrated Arts Academy is a public Alternative school located in Chaska, Minnesota. It is a school in Eastern Carver County Public Schools district.

According to the Minnesota state assessment result, more than 20% of students are proficient in Math learning and more than 50% of students are proficient in English/language arts learning.

It has 75 students through grade 9 to 12. The students to teacher ratio is 11 to 1 where a total of 7 teachers are teaching for the school.

Student Population

A total of 75 students are attending Integrated Arts Academy. By gender, there are 31 and 44 female students at the school.

Gifted/Talented Programs

Integrated Arts Academy offers the gifted and talented program. Total 4 students are identified and enrolled in the programs.

IDEA program321
Total4 22

Teachers & Staffs

Total 7 full-time (or equivalent) teachers work for Integrated Arts Academy and the students to teacher ratio is 11 to 1. All teachers are certified. 57.1% of teachers have 3 or more years teaching experiences.

Total FTE of Teachers7Students per teacher: 11 to 1
Teachers who are certified7100.0%
Teachers who are not certified--
Teachers in their first year of teaching228.6%
Teachers in their second year of teaching114.3%
School counselors--
Law Enforcement Officer--
Security guards--
Social workers--

Social/Economic Characteristics

A total of 21,640 households is located in Eastern Carver County Public Schools, MN area. The average home price is $320,200 and the average rent cost is $1,227. The unemployment rate is 2.10% and the average household income is $103,848.
You can view more living characteristics in Eastern Carver County Public Schools area at social and economic page.
Total Households21,640 Households
Child Population19,935
Total Housing Units22,469 Units
Average House Value$320,200
Average Rent Cost$1,227
Unemployment Rate2.10%
Average Household Income$103,848
Heath Insurance Coverage96.69%
Internet Coverage100.00%%

Academic Achievement


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