Outcome Highlight
Graduate Rate 16.89%
Male 16.22%
Female 17.22%
Transfer-Out Rate 48%
Retention Rate
Full-time / Part-time
60% / 38%

Graduation Rates at Chicago State University

At Chicago State University, the graduation rates was 16.89% (38 students out of 225 candidates were completed their degree within 150% normal time. For example, within 6 years for students seeking a 4-year bachelors degree.). By gender, 12 male and 26 female students have graduated from the school last year by completing their jobs in the period.

Graduation Rates By Gender

Next table and chart describe the graduation rates (150% normal time) by gender at Chicago State University. Last year, the graduation rate was 16.89%. where 38 students out of 225 candidate completed their degree.
Graduation Rate By Gender
Chicago State University
CandidatesCompletersGraduation Rates
[Chart] Chicago State University Graduation Rates By Gender

BS Degree Graduation Rates By Completion Periods

14 students completed their course in 4 years and 9 finished there bachelor's (or equivalent) degree. Additional 13 students graduated within 6 years, usually referred as 150% normal time.
Graduation Rates By Completion Periods
Chicago State University
4 Year or Less6.22% 2.70% 7.95%
5 Year10.22% 8.11% 11.26%
6 Year16.00% 13.51% 17.22%
[Chart] Chicago State University BS Degree Graduation Rates By Completion Periods

Graduation Rates By Race

The next table and chart shows graduation rates by race/ethnicity. The numbers in parenthesis denotes number of completers over number of candidates for each category.
Graduation Rates By Race
Chicago State University
Black (Non-Hispanic) 17.12%
Hispanic 15.63%
White 25.00%
Unknown 16.22%
Average 16.89%
[Chart] Chicago State University Graduation Rates By Race

Non-resident Alien Graduation Rates

Non-resident alien student is not a US citizen and studies with student visa, such as F visa, in United States. At Chicago State University, 1 of 4 non-resident alien students completed their courses within 150% normal time and the graduation rate was 25.00%.
Non-resident Alien Graduation Rate
Chicago State University
CompletersCandidatesGraduation Rate
Total 14 25.00%
Male 000.00%
Female 1425.00%
[Chart] Chicago State University Non-resident Alien Graduation Rates

Transfer-Out Rates

The transfer-out rate is calculated by dividing students who have transferred out of other institution into total number of students (candidates) within 150% normal time. The transfer-out rate at Chicago State University is 48.00% (108 out of 225 students transferred-out.).
Transfer-Out Rates
Chicago State University
Transfer-outTotal StudentsTransfer-Out Rate
[Chart] Chicago State University Transfer-Out Rates

Retention Rate

By definition, retention rate is the percentage of students who return to a college for their sophomore year. At Chicago State University, the retention rate is 60% for full-time students and 38 % for part-time students.
Retention Rates
Chicago State University
Retention Rate60%38%
[Chart] Chicago State University Retention Rate