Dayton Accreditation

University of Dayton is accredited by Higher Learning Commission. By accreditation type, the school has 5 Institutional, 5 Specialized accredited programs.
Institutional Accreditation
University of Dayton
Agency NameAccreditation StatusDate TypePeriod
Higher Learning CommissionAccreditedActual9/1/1999 - Current
Higher Learning CommissionAccreditedEstimated1/1/1928 - Current
Higher Learning CommissionAccreditedActual6/28/2016 - Current
Higher Learning CommissionAccreditedActual9/1/1987 - 12/3/2012
Higher Learning CommissionAccreditedEstimated12/3/2012 - Current

Specialized Accreditation at University of Dayton

University of Dayton has 5 specialized accreditation programs as below.
Specialized Accreditation
University of Dayton
Program NameAccreditation StatusPeriod
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics
Didactic Program in DieteticsAccredited (Actual)4/1/1979 - Current
American Bar Association, Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
Law (LAW) - Professional schoolsAccredited (Actual)1/1/1975 - Current
American Physical Therapy Association, Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education
Physical Therapy (PT) - Professional programs for the physical therapistAccredited (Actual)4/26/2006 - Current
National Association of Schools of Art and Design, Commission on Accreditation
Art and Design (ART) - Degree-granting schools and departments and non-degree-granting programsAccredited (Estimated)10/1/2005 - 8/1/2014
National Association of Schools of Music, Commission on Accreditation
Music (MUS) - Institutions and units within institutions offering degree-granting and/or non-degree-granting programsAccredited (Estimated)9/1/1970 - 8/1/2014