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Institutional Characteristics

The following table compares the basic academic information between best schools in Idaho. By school type, there are 3 public and 3 private schools in best schools in Idaho. By school level, all 6 schools are 4 years or high institutes.
Academic Comparison - Best Schools In Idaho
RankNameLocationType/LevelHighest DegreeOffered Degree
1 Northwest Nazarene UniversityNampa, IDPrivate (not-for-profit), four-yearsDoctor's DegreeAssociate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Post-Graduate
2 University of IdahoMoscow, IDPublic, four-yearsDoctor's DegreeCertificate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Post-Graduate
3 Boise State UniversityBoise, IDPublic, four-yearsDoctor's DegreeCertificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Post-Graduate
4 New Saint Andrews CollegeMoscow, IDPrivate (not-for-profit), four-yearsMaster's DegreeAssociate, Bachelor, Master, Post-Graduate
5 The College of IdahoCaldwell, IDPrivate (not-for-profit), four-yearsMaster's DegreeBachelor, Master
6 Idaho State UniversityPocatello, IDPublic, four-yearsDoctor's DegreeCertificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Post-Graduate

Key Facts Comparison

The average tuition & fees of best schools in Idaho is $15,746 for State residents and $26,663 for out-of-state students. The average acceptance rate is 77.24% and graduation rate is 55.67%. The following table compares key facts for each schools including acceptance rate, graduation rate, tuition, student to faculty ratio, and student population.
Key Facts Comparison Between Best Schools In Idaho
RankNameTuition & FeesAcceptance RateGraduation RateStudent Faculty RatioStudent Population
1 Northwest Nazarene University $34,390 88.15% 63% 18:12,109
2 University of Idaho $8,340 / $27,576 81.38% 59% 16:110,791
3 Boise State University $8,060 / $24,980 83.13% 54% 18:124,069
4 New Saint Andrews College $13,950 - 63% 12:1221
5 The College of Idaho $33,755 56.29% 56% 11:11,114
6 Idaho State University $7,872 / $25,326 - 39% 13:111,766
Average$15,746 / $26,66377.24%55.67%14.67:18,345
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