Colleges with Highest Graduation Rate

Harvard University has the highest graduation rate of 98% for academic year 2017-2018 in United States. Yale University is ranked second with 97% and University of Notre Dame follows them with 97%. We exclude colleges whose programs are focused on certificate, associate, and/or special subjects such as arts and music from the ranking. Next table shows the schools that have high graduation rates with transfer-out rates and retention rates. You may want to check colleges having the lowest graduation rates.
Colleges with Highest Graduation Rate (2018)
NameGraduation RateTransfer-out RateRetention Rate (full-time/part-time)
Harvard UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsCambridge, MA98%-99%
Yale UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsNew Haven, CT97%-99%
University of Notre DamePrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsNotre Dame, IN97%-98%
Princeton UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsPrinceton, NJ96%-98%
Columbia University in the City of New YorkPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsNew York, NY96%-98%
Duke UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsDurham, NC96%-98%
Northwestern UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsEvanston, IL95%-97%
Bowdoin CollegePrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsBrunswick, ME95%3%98%
Williams CollegePrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsWilliamstown, MA95%-99%
Washington University in St LouisPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsSaint Louis, MO95%-97%
Dartmouth CollegePrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsHanover, NH95%-97%
Cornell UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsIthaca, NY95%-97%
University of PennsylvaniaPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsPhiladelphia, PA95%-98%
Brown UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsProvidence, RI95%-98%
Rice UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsHouston, TX95%-97%
Washington and Lee UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsLexington, VA95%-96%
Pomona CollegePrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsClaremont, CA94%-97%
Georgetown UniversityPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsWashington, DC94%-96%
University of ChicagoPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsChicago, IL94%-99%
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPrivate (not-for-profit), 4 or more yearsCambridge, MA94%-99%