Allegheny Wesleyan Student Population

Total Enrollment 77
Men 32
Women 45
Full-time 62
Part-time 15

Allegheny Wesleyan Student Population

Allegheny Wesleyan College has a total enrollment of 77 (all undergraduate students) for academic year 2021-2022. By attending status, there are 62 full-time and 15 part-time students with gender distribution of 32 male and 45 female students. Allegheny Wesleyan College is offering the distance learning opportunity (online degree program) and total 1 students have enrolled online program exclusively.

Student Gender Distribution

Allegheny Wesleyan College has a total enrollment of 77 with a gender distribution of 41.56% male (32 students) and 58.44% female (45 students).
Student Population By Gender
Allegheny Wesleyan College
[Chart] Allegheny Wesleyan College 2022 Gender Distribution of Enrollment

Enrollment by Attending Status

Allegheny Wesleyan College has 62 full-time and 15 part-time students. In undergraduate school, 62 students are attending classes with full-time status, and 15 students are attending with part-time status.
Student Population By Attendance Status
Allegheny Wesleyan College
[Chart] Allegheny Wesleyan College Enrollment by Attending Status

Distance Learning (Online Class) Enrollment

At Allegheny Wesleyan College, 1 students have enrolled exclusively in online courses and 1 students have enrolled in some online courses out of total 77 students.
2022 Distance Learning Enrollment
Allegheny Wesleyan College
Online Exclusively110
In Some Online Classes110
Not In Online Classes75750
[Chart] Allegheny Wesleyan College Distance Learning (Online Class) Enrollment

Race/Ethnicity Distribution

This section analyzes the student population by race/ethnicity at Allegheny Wesleyan College. There are 1 American Indian/Native American, 73 White, 1 Black/African American, 1 Asian, 1 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and 0 students with other races.
Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity
Allegheny Wesleyan College
American Indian/Native American101
Black/African American101
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander101
[Chart] Allegheny Wesleyan CollegeRace/Ethnicity Distribution

Student Age Distribution

The following table and chart show the student enrollment by age distribution at Allegheny Wesleyan College.
Student Age Distribution
Allegheny Wesleyan College
Under 186
Age 18-1930
Age 20-2121
Age 22-2413
Age 25-294
Age 30-340
Age 35-390
Age 40-492
Age 50-640
Over 641
Age Un-Known0
[Chart] Allegheny Wesleyan College 2022 Age Distribution of Enrollment