Special LearningStudent ServicesAthleticsAdditional Facts

Special Learning Opportunity

The following table compares the special learning opportunities between best schools in Rhode Island including distance learning opportunities, ROTC program, Study abroad, and more special chances of learning. This statistics is based on the latest data from IPEDS, U.S. Department of Education for academic year 2021-2022.

Special Learning Opportunities Comparison Between Best Schools In Rhode Island
RankNameOnline ClassROTCTeacher Cert.Study AbroadWeekend/ Evening CollegeCampus Housing*Meal Plan**
1 Brown University Under, Grad Army, NAVY, Air Force

2 Providence College Under, Grad Army

3 University of Rhode Island Under, Grad Army

4 Rhode Island College Under, Grad Army

5 Bryant University Grad Army

6 Salve Regina University Under, Grad Army

7 Roger Williams University Under, Grad Army

8 Johnson & Wales University-Providence Under, Grad Army


*dormitory capacity

**yearly costs

Student Services on Campus

The following table compares the on-campus students services and facilities between best schools in Rhode Island including Student Counseling, Employment services for current students, Placement service for program completers, On-campus daycare facility, and library information.

On-campus Student Services Between Best Schools In Rhode Island
RankNameCareer CounselingEmployment ServicePlacement ServiceOn Campus DaycareLibrary Facilities
1 Brown University Own Library
2 Providence College Own Library
3 University of Rhode Island Own Library
4 Rhode Island College Own Library
5 Bryant University Own Library
6 Salve Regina University Own Library
7 Roger Williams University Own Library
8 Johnson & Wales University-Providence Own Library

Athletics Associations

The following table summarizes the alheletic teams and program information of best schools in Rhode Island. Among 8 best schools in Rhode Island, all schools are member of NAA, and all schools are member of NCAA.

Athletic Teams In Best Schools In Rhode Island
RankNameMembersFootballBasketballBaseballAll Programs
1 Brown University NAA, NCAAIvy LeagueIvy LeagueIvy League21 athletic programs
2 Providence College NAA, NCAA-Big East Conference-10 athletic programs
3 University of Rhode Island NAA, NCAAColonial Athletic AssociationAtlantic 10 ConferenceAtlantic 10 Conference11 athletic programs
4 Rhode Island College NAA, NCAA-OtherOther14 athletic programs
5 Bryant University NAA, NCAABig South ConferenceOtherOther12 athletic programs
6 Salve Regina University NAA, NCAACommonwealth Coast ConferenceCommonwealth Coast ConferenceCommonwealth Coast Conference13 athletic programs
7 Roger Williams University NAA, NCAA-Commonwealth Coast ConferenceCommonwealth Coast Conference15 athletic programs
8 Johnson & Wales University-Providence NAA, NCAA-Great Northeast Athletic ConferenceGreat Northeast Athletic Conference14 athletic programs

NAA: National Athletic Association

NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association

Additional Characteristics

The following table compares and describes additional facts of best schools in Rhode Island including religious affiliation, specialized schools, and medical degree offer, and other facts.

Additional Characteristics Of Best Schools In Rhode Island
RankNameReligious AffiliationHistorical Black SchoolTribal SchoolHas HospitalOffer Medical Degree
1 Brown University Not affiliated
2 Providence College Roman Catholic
3 University of Rhode Island Not affiliated
4 Rhode Island College Not affiliated
5 Bryant University Not affiliated
6 Salve Regina University Roman Catholic
7 Roger Williams University Not affiliated
8 Johnson & Wales University-Providence Not affiliated
The ranking data is provided by CollegeEvaluator. We compare the schools that ranked top 10 in Rhode Islandand in top 500 ranking for all colleges and universities in United States.