Offered Degrees BS
Online Courses Not Offered
Total Programs 86
Online Programs 0
Salary after Completing $36,800 - $86,700

Offered Degrees at Swat

Swarthmore College is categorized by Baccalaureate College - Arts & Sciences by Carnegie categorization. Swarthmore College offers 86 programs through on-site (classroom) only. It offers Bachelor's degree. Next table lists number of programs by offered degree and online availability.

Offered Degrees and Number of Programs
Swarthmore College
Award LevelTotal Number of ProgramsAvailable Online ClassSalary Range after Completing Program*
Bachelor's Degree860$36,800 - $86,700
*Salary data is from College Scoreboard

Field of Study by Offered Degree/Program


Swat Bachelor's Programs

Swarthmore College offers Bachelor's degree with 86 major programs. All programs are on-site education (i.e distance learning opportunity is not offered for the Bachelor's degree). Next table describes the offered major area and its subprograms for Bachelor's degree at Swarthmore College.

Bachelor's Programs
Swarthmore College
ProgramAvailable OnlineNumber of CompleterAverage Salary after Completing
Natural Resources And Conservation [+] 1
Environmental Studies1-
Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, And Group Studies [+] 6
African Studies0-
American/United States Studies/Civilization0-
Asian Studies/Civilization1-
Latin American Studies1-
Near and Middle Eastern Studies1-
Russian Studies0-
French Studies0-
German Studies0-
Area Studies (other)0-
African-American/Black Studies1-
Women's Studies2-
Folklore Studies0-
Ethnic, Cultural Minority, Gender, and Group Studies (other)0-
Computer And Information Sciences [+] 16
Computer and Information Sciences16$86,700
Education [+] 2
Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education (other)0-
Education (other)2-
Engineering [+] 40
Foreign Languages, Literatures, And Linguistics [+] 18
Comparative Literature0-
Chinese Language and Literature2-
Japanese Language and Literature0-
Russian Language and Literature2-
French Language and Literature0-
Spanish Language and Literature8-
Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics0-
Ancient/Classical Greek Language and Literature1-
Latin Language and Literature1-
English Language And Literature [+] 2
English Language and Literature2-
Literature (other)0-
English Language and Literature/Letters (other)0-
Liberal Arts And Sciences, Humanities [+] 0
General Studies0-
Biological And Biomedical Sciences [+] 14
Biology/Biological Sciences5$36,800
Biological and Biomedical Sciences (other)0-
Mathematics And Statistics [+] 19
Applied Mathematics (other)0-
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies [+] 6
Biological and Physical Sciences0-
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution1-
Mathematics and Computer Science0-
Medieval and Renaissance Studies0-
Classical, Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology1-
Cognitive Science3-
Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis0-
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies (other)1-
Philosophy And Religious Studies [+] 5
Religion/Religious Studies2-
Islamic Studies1-
Philosophy and Religious Studies (other)0-
Physical Sciences [+] 7
Chemical Physics0-
Geology/Earth Science0-
Physical Sciences (other)0-
Psychology [+] 5
Physiological Psychology/Psychobiology0-
Research and Experimental Psychology (other)5-
Psychology (other)0-
Human Services [+] 0
Public Policy Analysis0-
Health Policy Analysis0-
Public Administration and Social Service Professions (other)0-
Social Sciences [+] 30
International Relations and Affairs0-
Political Science and Government8$37,600
Political Science and Government (other)0-
Sociology and Anthropology1-
Social Sciences (other)4-
Visual And Performing Arts [+] 13
Industrial and Product Design0-
Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts2-
Film/Cinema/Video Studies0-
Film/Video and Photographic Arts (other)2-
Fine/Studio Arts3-
Art History, Criticism and Conservation4-
Musicology and Ethnomusicology1-
Visual and Performing Arts (other)0-
History [+] 4-
History (other)0-