1st Baptist Church Preschool

Private School

School Type




Grades Offered

32 to 1

Students to Teacher Ratio


School Overview

1st Baptist Church Preschool is a private school (Regular elementary or secondary) located in Warren, Arkansas. It is a Baptist school.

It has 32 students through grade PK to KG. The students to teacher ratio is 32 to 1 where total 1 teachers are teaching for the school.

Student Population

A total of 32 students are attending 1st Baptist Church Preschool. By gender, there are 4 and 28 female students at the school.


Total 1 teachers work for 1st Baptist Church Preschool and the students to teacher ratio is 32 to 1. All teachers are full-time status.

Full-time1Teachers who taught full time.
More than 3/4 Time-Teachers who taught at least 3/4 time but less than full time.
More than 1/2 Time-Teachers who taught at least 1/2 time but less than 3/4 time.
More than 1/4 Time-Teachers who taught at least 1/4 time but less than 1/2 time.
Less than 1/4 time-Teachers who taught less than 1/4 time.

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