Average Admission Yield At Texas Colleges

What Is The Average Yield (enrollment Rate) In Texas?

The admission yield is a percentage of accepted students to admit a college who are finally enrolled the school. Yield is often used interchangeably with enrollment rate. A high admission yield at a school implies that the school is preferred than other (or similar) schools to enroll. It is reasonable to think that the enrolled chose the school based on the school's benefits such as academic excellence and financial advantages.
The average yield of Texas colleges is 37.40%. Total 434,343 students out of 650,523 applicants have accepted into Texas colleges and 117,059 enrolled into one of schools. By gender, the admission yield of female students is 35.25% and male students' yield is 37.80%
The next schools are the top 5 Texas colleges that have the highest yield. Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication has the highest yield of 100.00% among Texas colleges. Hallmark University and DeVry University-Texas have also high yield of 84.57% and 83.33% respectively. We select the schools with an acceptance rate of less than 70%. You can view more schools at Texas colleges with highest yield.
The following table summarizes the average yield (enrollment rate) in Texas.
Colleges The Average Yield (enrollment Rate) In Texas
TotalPublicPrivate (not-for-profit)Private (for-profit)
4 years or high33.18%30.07%32.90%63.16%
Admission Yield by Gender at Texas colleges