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Explore 1,550 schools and 186 school districts that serves 728,912 students with 46,618 teachers in Alabama.


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Alabama Schools

There are 1,550 public schools in Alabama distributed in 186 school districts. A total of 728,912 students attend Alabama schools and 46,618 teachers work for the schools.

By school level, there are 703 elementary, 257 middle, 410 high schools, and 180 other type of schools (eg. ungraded, adult education, etc.,).

In addition, 273 private schools are serving students in Alabama.

Alabama Public Schools By Levels and Categories
Number of District186 districts
Total Number of Public Schools1,550 schools
By Level
Elementary703 schools / 334,796 students
Middle257 schools / 132,195 students
High410 schools / 172,171 students
(Ungraded, Adult Education, other)
180 schools
By Category
Traditional1,481 schools
Charter11 schools
Magnet44 schools
Special Education2 schools
Alternative12 schools

Alabama School Districts

In Alabama, 186 school districts are serving their students in 1,550 schools. Mobile County School District is the largest district with 91 schools and 56,518 students.

1 Magnum Pass, Mobile, AL

PK-12 Offered
91 Schools
56,518 Students
14 Students per teacher

2100 18th Street S, Birmingham, AL

PK-12 Offered
58 Schools
35,966 Students
17 Students per teacher

2600 North Hand Ave, Bay Minette, AL

PK-12 Offered
46 Schools
31,846 Students
17 Students per teacher

307 S Decatur St, Montgomery, AL

PK-12 Offered
52 Schools
29,324 Students
16 Students per teacher

200 White St, Huntsville, AL

PK-12 Offered
46 Schools
23,776 Students
15 Students per teacher

Student Population

A total of 734,559 students are attending Alabama schools. By gender, there are 376,607 (51.3%) male and 357,952 (51.3%) female students in AL schools.

By race/ethnicity, 399,423 White (54.4%), 236,753 Black (32.2%), and 11,057 Asian (1.5%) students are attending Alabama schools.

Performance in Math and Reading

In 2019, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) administered the math and reading assessment to representative samples of fourth- and eighth-grade students in the nation, states, and other participating large urban districts. According to the report, 71 percent of students in fourth grade and 57 percent of students in eighth grade scored at or above the NAEP basic in Math. For reading assessment, 58 percent of students in fourth grade and 64 percent of students in eighth grade scored at or above basic score.

You can read more about the assessment at NAEP report card website for Math and Reading.

4th Grade8th Grade
At or Above NAEP BasicAt or Above NAEP ProficientAt or Above NAEP BasicAt or Above NAEP Proficient
Math71%28% 57%21%
Reading58%28% 64%24%

Advanced Placement Programs

In Alabama schools, total 32,572 students are enrolled in at least one (1) AP programs. 1,063 students are enrolled in International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and 56,869 students are participating the SAT and/or ACT test program.

Number of Students EnrolledPercent Enrolled
Advanced Placement Programs32,572
Advanced Placement Math6,194
Advanced Placement Science11,701
Advanced Placement Other programs24,940
International BS program1,063
SAT/ACT Participation56,869

Teachers & Staffs

Total 46,618 full-time (or equivalent) teachers work for schools in Alabama and the students to teacher ratio is 16 to 1. 89.3% of teachers are certified. 90.9% of teachers have 3 or more years teaching experiences.

Total FTE of Teachers46,618Students per teacher: 16 to 1
Teachers who are certified41,62689.3%
Teachers who are not certified5,01410.8%
Teachers in their first year of teaching2,2794.9%
Teachers in their second year of teaching1,9424.2%
School counselors1,830Students per counselor: 398 to 1
Law Enforcement Officer513-
Security guards253-
Social workers64-

Public Schools in Alabama

In Alabama, 1,550 public schools are serving 728,912 students. The next lists are showing schools by offering level.

Private Schools in Alabama

273 private schools are serving students in Alabama. The next lists are showing the private schools by offering level.

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