Average Retention Rate At Michigan Colleges

What Is The Average Retention Rate In Michigan?

The retention rate is the percentage of first-time students who attend and continue their study in next year at colleges. The low retention rate means that more students transfer out to or stop/pause the program at a school. In general, high ranked colleges or special purpose colleges' retention rate is higher than others.
The average retention rate of Michigan colleges is 71.46% for full-time students and 59.47% for part-time students. 45,707 out of 58,759 full-time first-year students continued their study in next year at Michigan colleges. In public Michigan colleges, the retention rate is 66% and private schools' rate is 75% By school levels, the retention rate at four-years colleges is 75% and community colleges' rate is 63% in Michigan.
The next schools are the top 5 Michigan colleges that have the highest retention rate. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor has the highest retention rate of 97% among Michigan colleges. Michigan State University and Michigan Technological University also have higher rate of 92% and 85% respectively. For the ranking, we exclude community colleges and four-colleges with less than 1,000 first-time students.
The following table summarizes the average retention rate in Michigan.
The Average Retention Rate In Michigan
TotalPublicPrivate (not-for-profit)Private (for-profit)
4 years or high75.36%76.21%74.84%-
2-4 years63.17%57.83%74.67%85.25%
less than 1 year71.48%75.00%77.50%71.24%
The following table summarizes the retention rate and number of students by attending status for Michigan collegesNumbers in parentheses in each column indicate the number of students in the corresponding category.
Retention Rate by Attending Status at Michigan colleges
Retention RateFirst-time StudentsEnrolled in Next Year